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Boot Camp

Monday-Thursday 6pm
Saturday 8:30am & 9:30am

$10/Session; $90/10 Session Punch Card; $100 Unlimited Monthly Sessions

Ages 18 and up
Class sizes are limited

Boot Camp is for anyone with heart. It is not created to be your typical gym workout; it allows you to explore your personal fitness levels; push yourself with the help of coaches and other participants to reach goals even you did not think you could obtain. Implements used during training are sled, medballs, tires, battle ropes and what ever else we can find to challenge participants. Give Boot Camp a try and give yourself a chance to feel achievement!

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Mom's Morning Boot Camp

Monday and Thursday 10:15am

$10 per session

Designed by Tri Fitness / Figure competitor and Mom Nicole Wolf. Increase your strength and conditioning by using athletic skills and different training tools. Nicole thinks outside the box to challenge each participant.

Mud Run & Dash Training

Several of the trainers at McTS compete in Mud Runs and Dash Competitions regularly, allowing them unique knowledge on training for these events.

Other Services

Nutritional consultation available - plans and packages available from $49 to $299

Beverly International Supplements available

Personal Training

Personal Training Rates:

One-on-One personal training: $40 Hour, $30 1/2 Hour

Buddy Training (Per Person) $25 Hour, $20 1/2 Hour

Small Group Training Class: $20 Hour (Per Person)

$150 Monthly (3x Week)

There are several trainers available to help you meet your personal goals. With a wide range of experience and education, we have resources that will allow you to make gains physically and mentally while having fun and gaining confidence along the way.  We strive to be the best personal trainers in Lancaster, PA. No matter your goals, strength conditioning, weight loss, athletic training, or overall fitness we'll help you get there.  Our personal trainers our well qualified and have a wide variety of experience.  We'll match you up with the best personal trainer for your goals and one that brings out the best in you.  You can do it and our personal trainers will help.  Make the change today and come check out our amazing training facility.  We also offer group training and boot camps.

Sport/Athletic Training

Contact Rick for information, times, and pricing.

Team Training

As per schedule; offsite training available

4-6 athletes $18 per individual
7-10 athletes $15 per individual
11-14 athletes $12 per individual
15 and up athletes $10 per individual

Team rates available

We are able to assist coaches in team development of speed and agility, while developing overall conditioning. Coaches are able to level the athletic building to us while they focus on their sport skills. Our training will give your team a physical and mental edge over their opponent!

Tri Fitness Training

Daily Training

Call for prices
Training times are limited
Class sizes are limited

For those looking to compete in Tri Fitness, Figure, Body Building or other athletic events. This training is coached by Rick McMillan and is designed around specific skills and goals. He not only is the coach, but does or has competed is specific events giving and nderstanding to what is needed to reach each persons specific goals.

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