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Lancaster's Best Obstacle Course Training and Personal Training

Mission Statement

Provide the alternative fitness training plan that allows the client to obtain new goals that exceed their original expectations of themselves and their capabilities; in doing this it will allow them to live a richer life. Provide unprecedented training and support for those who compete athletically.

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5000 Square foot facility, with 960 square foot of turf. High ceilings and open flooring allows for use of group training, indoor obstacle course training and throwing of med balls. Turf allows for the use of push and pull sleds as well as agility training. Located in Manheim Township with easy access from Lancaster City and US 30 by use of New Holland, Oregon, Lititz, Fruitville and Manheim Pikes.

McMillan Training Systems LLC is based on intense physical training with one main goal in mind - DEVELOPMENT OF PERFORMANCE - Our main clientele are serious about their goals. You will not find air conditioning, fancy locker bathrooms, TVs or juice bars, we ARE NOT the typical local gym, we ARE a training facility. You will hear loud music, grunts, metal and other implements in motion. Mental toughness and desire to achieve is a requirement.

McMillan Training Center Best personal trainer Rick McMillan Boot Camp and Obstacle Course Training find a personal trainer in Lancaster PA
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